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August 12, 2019

Press Release

PUEBLO – Concerned Pueblo-area citizens today launched an organized recall campaign against their state senator, Leroy Garcia.
“Mr. Garcia has clearly earned this effort to remove him from office,” said Susan Carr, spokesperson for The Committee to Recall Leroy Garcia. “By establishing a consistent record of putting his own interests above those of his constituents, he’s practically demanding the vigorous opposition he’s about to face.”

Carr announced the recall campaign today, along with Victor Head and Ernest Mascarenas – two men who helped lead the successful effort to recall State Senator Angela Giron on similar grounds 6 years ago. “From his lack of attendance, let alone leadership, to his reliable vote for special interests over the clear objections of his constituents, Mr. Garcia has done a horrible job of representing the people of Pueblo and Colorado,” Carr said. “He only seems to want to represent his own political interests.”


"Anti-energy measures that cost Pueblo jobs"

Over the stern objections of citizens and organizations alike – including a published op-ed issued by EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel (one of Pueblo’s largest employers) - Garcia supported Senate Bill 181 in this legislative session. Since the bill’s passage, the anti-energy commission spawned by the new law has placed severe limitations on gas and oil exploration in Colorado, threatening some $8 billion in state tax revenue and, according to experts, as many as 120,000 jobs. “These harsh restrictions are pretty similar to what was planned in connection with Proposition 112 in 2016,” said Carr, “and that horrible idea was rejected by double-digit margins by Colorado voters.” Carr said Garcia was well aware that his constituents were overwhelmingly against SB 181, but that he supported the bill anyway for political reasons.

“Any time a huge majority of voters rejects a bad plan, only to find their so-called representatives forging ahead with essentially the same measures a few months later, it’s pretty clear to see legislators like Mr. Garcia are not in Denver to represent the people of their districts, but more to force things on us they should never be able to do,” Carr said.

"Not in Denver to represent the people"

When Carr said Leroy Garcia was not in the senate in Denver for the right reasons, she also hit on another reason the Committee decided to campaign for his removal. Carr pointed out that Garcia was the only member of the state senate to refuse to accept cards from constituents who wanted to meet with him during the session, referring to the traditional procedure of requesting meetings with Colorado state senators. “It’s worse than just not being accessible, or available,” Carr said. “Mr. Garcia not only flouts the traditions and procedures of the state senate – which, since he theoretically represents us, makes us look bad – he’s even apparently broken the law by firing the senate secretary outside the session, and without a vote.”

Garcia suddenly fired Effie Ameen, the senate secretary, and replaced her with Cindy Markwell in an apparent political move early in his tenure – a move deemed against senate protocol (and illegal) by Legislative Legal Services. “Mr. Garcia doesn’t follow the law, let alone lead on it,” Carr said. “We sent him to the senate to do a job. But he only seems interested in having the job, rather than doing anything for the people who elected him.”

"Doesn’t follow the law"

Carr said the illegal firing of Ameen was only one of a handful of legal problems Garcia has created for the state to clean up, and that the senator is making sure his taxpayer constituents are footing the bill for these legal battles. “He ignored the constitution – lawsuit. He blocked one of his constituents on social media – another lawsuit. And he certainly could’ve been sued over what he did to Effie Ameen, but that just resulted in a whopping severance package we taxpayers wouldn’t have had to pay for if Mr. Garcia had simply played by the rules,” Carr said.

Carr said the expensive legal fees Garcia has run up on the taxpayer’s dime have made the senator’s courtroom troubles doubly burdensome to his constituents. “It’s one thing to make us look like fools for electing a state senator who can’t follow the law,” Carr said, “but to make us pay for it, too? That’s intolerable.”

Carr pointed out that Garcia – who can’t be re-elected due to term-limit rules – recently ran thousands of dollars’ worth of social media advertising and paid for it with campaign funds. Meanwhile, he billed the taxpayers a similar amount for just one of the lawsuit settlements he’s suffered in recent months. “Did you know he’s appealing one lawsuit, just driving up the legal bill, when it’s a pretty straightforward case we’ll have to pay for him to lose again?” Carr said. “It’s outrageous.”

Carr said Garcia “plays fast and loose with taxpayer money,” and cited that as one of the main motivations behind the recall effort. “Whenever a politician faces a recall, they always complain about the cost of having to defend it. And it does cost money to carry out a recall election. But given how much extra money Mr. Garcia is costing us already, we really have nothing to lose,” Carr said. "In the long run, we’ll probably save taxpayers money if we can remove Mr. Garcia from office.”

“Plays fast and loose with taxpayer money”

Carr said one of voters’ biggest issues with Garcia is his attack on Colorado’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, commonly known as TABOR.

“TABOR protects us from just the kind of out-of-control legislation and spending that Mr. Garcia champions,” Carr said. “The state has plenty of money, thanks to the booming economy. It’s a big surplus. But Mr. Garcia wants even more.”  TABOR, which requires voter approval of tax hikes and provides other financial taxpayer protections, has been a fixture in Colorado for decades.

“The voters consistently overturn efforts to undermine TABOR,” Carr said. “It’s been tried a number of times. Occasionally, we’ll give the government a ‘TABOR Time-Out,’ but the measures Mr. Garcia is supporting would wipe out TABOR forever, even though the state already has a surplus.”  It just seems like Mr. Garcia and his party know the voters would never agree to these measures, so they’re just going to find a different way to force them on us,” Carr said. "But we’re not just going to sit by and take it.”


“Not just our money, but also our national voice”

Carr said one more issue that has voters upset with Garcia is his support of SB 19-042, the “national popular vote” measure which requires Colorado to award its electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote. “That just really has us angry,” Carr said. “The national popular vote doesn’t determine the winner of our presidential elections for a reason – one party runs up the vote total in a handful of big coastal cities, and tries to undermine the notion that the president has to represent the whole country, not just those cities.”

Carr said Garcia’s support for SB 19-042 simply gives away Colorado’s electoral votes to distant coastal elites – voters who wouldn’t know how their votes impact places like Colorado and the rest of the American west. “So he wants as much as he can get from us,” Carr said. “And not just our money. Mr. Garcia has voted away our national voice, too, and we won’t stand for that.”


A well-organized recall effort

Carr pointed out that she and her colleagues on The Committee to Recall Leroy Garcia have strong experience in efforts of this type, and that they’re “organized for success.” She announced a meeting for volunteer petition circulators this Thursday the 15th, 6 p.m. at Committee headquarters, 309 W. Third Street in Pueblo.

“We will have the personnel, and the funding, to do this right - just like we did when Angela Giron tried to govern against her constituents a few years ago,” Carr said. “Let this serve as notice to those who’d seek to govern us against our will,” Carr said. “We have the power and the procedures in place to remove you from office. And that’s just what we’ll do.”

Contact: Susan Carr
309 W 3rd st
Pueblo, CO 81003
Facebook Page- Pueblo Freedom and Rights

August 9, 2019

Recall office to open Monday

PUEBLO – The Recall Leroy Garcia committee will open its headquarters on Monday, August 12th.  The office will be located at 309 W. 3rd street.  Press release to follow soon.

Once petitions are approved - there will be a drive-up location at the corner of 3rd & Court streets.