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When career politicians turn their back on the people that elected them, we have an obligation to send them home.  Senator Garcia is so out of step with Pueblo County that he voted FOR legislation that every other Pueblo legislator voted against - even those in his own political party!  It is clear that Senator Garcia no longer represents Pueblo. 
We can't afford his failed leadership.
Crushing Pueblo Employers

The president of EVRAZ - Rocky Mountain, one of the area's largest employers said that Senate Bill 181 "would be damaging to our mill and our workforce".  So why did Garcia vote FOR this  bad bill?  

Wants to deprive you of Tax Refunds!

Garcia voted to over ride the taxpayer bill of rights TABOR in a move that seeks to KEEP your tax refunds FOREVER.  This move could impact the homestead tax exemptions that many seniors count on.  Let Senator Garcia know that ITS OUR MONEY!

Politicians want to keep YOUR refunds!!.
Leroy's Lawsuits

Senator Garcia has cost taxpayers THREE times in the past year alone!

     $$$ -  Illegally fired the Senate Secretary

     $$$ -  Violated Senate Rules with shady political tricks

     $$$ -   Blocked a constituent's questions on Facebook

Taxpayers got stuck with the bill

The taxpayers cant afford his petty vendettas.  We deserve better.